Hello World.

Introduction: I am currently the Vice Director of the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI), based at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. ELSI is physically located in Ota city, one of the wards of Tokyo, which is in turn the capital and heart of the largest metropolitan region on planet Earth. Japan is the 4th country in which I have worked as an academic scientist (USA, France, and Canada are the other three). I’m gradually learning to speak and read/write Japanese, which is the fourth and most difficult language I’ve studied (in addition to English, Español, et Francais). I have very broad interests in music, arts, sports, economics, politics, and of course…food and drink. I am the extremely lucky husband of Christine and proud father of Camilla Jane, and we are expecting our 3rd child in February.

Motivation: I have had extensive experience with WordPress in the past, usually for setting up simple web pages that are easy to edit, add content, and have all the modern bells and whistles that one could wish for in a basic website. However, I never actually used WordPress for its intended purpose: as a platform for publishing weblogs. Thus I’ve set out to explore the world of blogging. I can’t predict whether this effort will take off, or whether it will fizzle. In fact, it may be insane for me to think that I even have the time for this kind of thing given my already over-flowing schedule. Still, I may find that blogging can be a useful outlet and that I prefer this venue to random and poorly composed opinions expressed via social media threads such as Facebook or Google+. Additionally, I have found that social media tends to filter/censor certain topics, whereas blogging seems to treat every post more or less equally. Finally, this may or may not be a good way for my family and friends scattered around the world to follow my little family’s life in Tokyo, Japan…if so, then it could be a great way to stay in touch.

So that is a brief summary for now, it will be quite common for me to break off a piece by saying “OK I need to go…” I hope you don’t mind, and if I do a proper job as a blogger then I will pick up where I left off, for continuity’s sake.